A Bookmark for Judy

I recently got to design a bookmark featuring a Christmas book coming exclusively to Walmart stores this October.

I started with a semi-seasonal background image and fonts/colors similar to what was already in use on the book cover. For the front, I added the author’s name and that awesome phrase everyone loves, “USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR” along with the book cover and Judy’s website URL:

I didn’t add “Make Your Season Sparkle” until after I finished the other side and read more of the book description.

For the opposite side, I pared down the plot description to three short sentences.

I believe strongly that in this busy and distraction-filled world, when it comes to promotional materials, less is more. Just get your name in front of people, and give them a tiny taste.

There’s nothing that turns me off as a consumer faster than getting pummeled day in and day out with demands for my time and attention. Less is more. Quality over quantity. For me, these are very important rules. But I digress.

Although I didn’t have the exact cursive font from the book cover, I had something similar enough to bring a sense of it to the bookmark text with “come home” and again, I matched the font colors to the colors already in use on the book cover.

Originally, the background was pretty strong and it warred a bit with the words. I enlarged it, used a portion that was lighter, and turned down the opacity. Then I recolored it just a bit to match more closely with the book cover.

This was a really fun project for me, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

I also did a different version for Judy, much less about the season and yet very Judy in my mind. I’m working up a version of that for use online and in her newsletter.

So if you want to see the other design in action, please feel free to sign up for Judy’s newsletter and don’t forget to stop by Walmart in October and get your copy of Christmas on Nutcracker Court!