A Logo for a Music Festival

My sister teaches vocal jazz at a university in Oregon. She called me up the other day asking me to make a logo for an upcoming festival for both classical and jazz vocal groups. How could I refuse?

This one didn’t take very long. I needed to read the rules and restrictions about using the university’s logo in conjunction with the festival logo, but really this is so “all in the family” (for the university as well as for me) that it wasn’t that difficult.

My first thought was, since it was musical, I would use the image of a staff behind the logo, and I would follow the university’s style guide for the color scheme. Then it was just a matter of choosing fonts. I went through a few drafts with the addition of a treble clef and musical notes, but it was a little busy and cute. So, in the end, this is where we ended up:

I think it works, and she was happy. A happy client is always a good thing, especially when that client is a relative!