A Regency Book Cover for Alina

When I was approached by Alina K. Field to do a cover for her upcoming Christmas novella, I got giddy. I grew up reading Regency romance novels, and now I could create a cover for one? I was in!

My first draft was definitely a first draft. I wanted the Regency feeling to continue all the way to the back cover, and along with guidance from Alina, I researched Regency wallpaper styles (called paper hangings), Christmas traditions (no tree), and toys for children (rocking horses would work). She had given me the heat level, so I knew the models would keep their clothes on. With the basic elements chosen, I did a very rough draft for her to review. I present it here in all its gory glory:

There was still a lot of work to do. We did away with the framing and I went back to the drawing board on fonts. The wallpaper needed to be completely redone and diminished so the back cover text would be easy to read.

We purchased the cover images and I basically did a lot of Photoshop. After receiving the final page count and other elements required to finalize a full cover flat, I completed this one with a lot of personal satisfaction. This cover was a pleasure to do.

To complete the package, I added a title page image to match the cover. And the finished product looks awesome in print, too! (printed book photo by Alina K. Field)