Continuing a Series

Next Tuesday, the second book in Alina K. Field’s Sons of the Spy Lord series will be out and available for your reading pleasure.

The Viscount’s Seduction centers on an Irish lady and the spy lord’s heir, Viscount Bakeley.

Lady Sirena has a history of fey abilities, so I added a little other-worldly feel to the background with some green and purple highlights. And of course, there are a few sparkles sprinkled around. The gold color of the titles was drawn from the gold in her gown. I enhanced the red of the gown.

To make the I removed some modern-day grommets from his shirt and the bodice of her gown, which is a little pre-Regency. It’s such a beautiful dress, we had to use it.

So what makes this cover part of a series? Mostly, it comes down to font choice and placement. The fonts are harmonious with the previous book, and the author name is the same font and in the same place as it is on the previous book. There’s also text identifying it as Book Two, of course. On to the next!