Red Letter Dress

I’m having so much fun creating covers for Alina K. Field. She asked me to create a new cover for a novella called Liliana’s Letter, and gave me a photo of a woman in a red dress from Deposit Photos. It’s an eye-catching jewel toned satin-looking red. Very beautiful, but very modern feeling. Twentieth century, at the very least.

So I went back to Period Images for a more historical couple.

This one had everything we needed, except the dress wasn’t red, his hair was dark instead of light, and her hair was light instead of dark. Easy fix.

I went to work with and soon we had a lovely match to the red, but with a much more Regency feel. After a few more tweaks, I put our couple in a dark garden outside a ballroom and found a handwriting-style font for her name in the title.

I swear, this cover design stuff is really fun.